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I never know how to start these things, I've always wanted to write in a diary but I always end up drawing in it. Let's hope I can do better here.

So this is going to be a list of things I want to draw and put up on here hopefully some time before Christmas, Which will be a push but if I can get a lot done who knows!! If my work ethic holds out that is!

I'm taking a year out to build a portfolio so hopefully some of these will be worthy of going into it and at the least be good practice and look pretty. =] A lot of what I say might not make sense to anyone else but the list is more for me so I at least have it written down somewhere. =]

So here goes,

Pokémon related:</U>

• Vulpix
• Karen and Umbreon Revamp
• Karen's team night time scene
• Characters for the fan fiction I intend to do;
        a. Female trainer
        b. Male trainer
        c. Second female trainer
        d. There Pokémon teams
• Bug, Rock, Ground, Ghost, Steel, Dragon, Normal, Fighting, Flying Type Eevee evolutions remaining. (Poiseon complete).
• Action Shots of existing and my Eeveelutions.
• Group shot of all Eeveelutions.
• Favourite Kanto Team.
• Favourite Johto Team.
• Favourite Hoenn Team.
• Favourite Sinnoh team.
• All Gym, Elite and Champion Trainers from each region.
• Fake-mon Dex
• My Regions Gym, Elite and Champion trainers
These are just a few of what I want to do right now!

College Briefs Revamped:</U>

• Featherstone Castle
• Found objects Fashion
• Transcription
        1. Triumph of death
        2. Baby Death
        3. Triumphs of Baby Death Comic
• Icons
• Abstract Passion
• Marketing and Advertising
• FMP Comic


• Revamp of MySpace background pictures
• Thew Angel colour
• Jami Pic
• Stemo Angel Revamp
• Manga Death
• Ben Spider-man
• Natalie Spider-woman
• Heartless Demon revamp
• Good Vs Evil
• Alexis Bledel
• Robert Pattinson
• Gaspard Uliell
• Nude Me
• Superman me

This list Probably will get updated over time, and I may redo a few pieces I've done already, hopefully I will get quite a few done!
That's me done for now. signing out. Laters!
  • Mood: Confused
  • Listening to: Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin
  • Reading: Imagine FX Magazine

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Taliaailat Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Love the style!
djrbennett Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011
Hi therr! Thanks for the fav!
Also....I'm soooo anoyed. Had to restart my pc from factory settings pretty much because it got sooo messed up with a virus in the first week of this holiday, meaning I was really anoyed....but today I realised....I have to start Brotherhood allll over again!??
*goes crazy*
I hope your holiday is going goood btw XD
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BABYblew Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Hey it's okay, I really liked it :D

that actually sucks. .. have you got all of your work backed up ?! I'd hate that sooo much!
and thats the beauty of having a ps3 and a mac :P fewer viruses :D
Yeah theyve been alright ... *caugh*donenowork*cough* lol
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Thanks for the Fav+ :)
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*appears out of nowhere* hehehe found youuuu I hope you can figure out who this is! XD
djrbennett Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Hi there! Thanks fer the DAwatch
I remembered yer name! The ink did get a tad wet in the rain heheh..
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thanks for the fave on my eeveelutions sketchies!
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